Tuesday, June 17, 2008

The New Neighbors

We moved into a cozy little condo in Provo, got all settled in (we love it) and soon were delighted with new neighbors just a few steps away -- Chase and Tauri moved in just a few weeks ago, and having them so close has been nothing but fun and games (Wii games)! It reallly is great, and they are really fun to be around!
We also love getting together with Bob, Emily and Ethan Ashby! They feed us almost every Sunday it seems and it's always delicious and always so fun at their house! We love these times and are so excited for the new little Ashby coming in August! If he's half as much fun and as sweet as Ethan is, they'll never get rid of us at their house!


Ashby Family said...

So glad you have a blog!! Thanks again for your help on Sat. We really needed it. Love you guys.
PS Check out our blog...I have Matt going down the slip n' slide!:)


Travis & Tanya said...

so excited that you guys have a blog! can't wait to see the pictures!